Presentation Schedule

Wednesday, November 30: 1. Reed 2. Tyler Friday, December 2: 3. Marianne 4. Maggie Monday, December 5: 5. Caitlin 6. Tate Wednesday, December 7: 7. Iain 8. Brad 9. Chris FRIDAY, DECEMBER 9:  No class — required attendance at (and report on) HIST 485 Symposium.

Reminder about Requirements

As explicitly covered in the course syllabus, course requirements are REQUIREMENTS, even if they are ungraded.  Failure to complete any requirement means failure of the course regardless of grades on other requirements. Requirements include submission of discussion evaluations and pick-up of class discussion topics/questions. They also include speaking in class,… Continue reading

Class Writing

As noted on Friday, September 16 and Monday, September 19, students are expected to pick up their class writing. If they do not, their materials will be discarded to make room for other materials. Students will then be without the “study questions” and feedback on their responses. They will be… Continue reading

*** MUST Reading: What are we doing this semester?

Question: What can we learn from studying America’s “small wars”? Our focus is not on the military angles–although, of course, such issues and developments are unavoidable when discussing wars and military interventions–but rather on political, economic, diplomatic, cultural, social, technological, communication, etc. ones. Students should look for “threads,” i.e., for ambitions,… Continue reading


*Please submit evaluations as Word documents so that the instructor can type her comments/responses directly into them. (She has removed the pdf form from the website.) *Recall that evaluations which are not correctly submitted will not be accepted, read, returned, or credited. See the SYLLABUS and the EVALUATION itself for explicit… Continue reading